Through the Annotation consulting practice, we provide our customers with the specialist advice and guidance required for the job; putting our industry knowledge and understanding at their disposal. We help our customers to address the many complex issues that need to be considered and provide proven processes for capturing, evaluating and managing every aspect of the deployment. Because not every customer requires our advice and support in all areas, Annotation consulting is split into distinct consulting services, each of which has a discrete purpose, proven methodology and result. Presented here are a high level overview of these services.


At this stage in the process we outline the overall blueprint for your hardware, software and network as well as how the information is to be presented on the screen.


Having defined your requirements and chosen the appropriate products for the job, we provide highly motivated and skilled people to turn the technology into a useable solution.


Once the solution has been deployed, its availability and performance is key to the realisation of business benefit. We recognise that ensuring that your solution continues to meet the ongoing market, customer and technology requirements is an evolutionary task. This is why strategic planning of new releases and system enhancements are all supported by our application support and management services.